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Deep Kinetic Characterization: When IC50 Isn’t Enough


Built-For-Purpose Kinase Sensor Peptide Substrates


Discover the Difference of KinSight™ Quantitative Kinome Profiling With a Continuous Assay

Scientific Posters

Practical Evaluation of Time-Dependent Inhibition Kinetics Through Small-Volume Size-Exclusion Chromatography

A Continuous Kinetic Assay to Quantitate Specific Protein Kinase Activity in Unfractionated Cell Lysates

AssayQuant Novel Sox-based Continuous and Homogeneous Assay Poster

A Novel Sox-based Continuous and Homogeneous Assay for the Discovery of Inhibitors of Inactive and Active AKT

A Proven Activity-based Workflow for the Identification and Characterization of Time-Dependent Kinase Inhibitors using a Continuous Assay Format

Evaluation of Capillary-Mediated Vitrification (CMV) as an Alternative to Traditional Cold Temperature Storage for Kinase Assay Reagents

Miniaturization of Fluorescent Kinetic Assay for Optimal Conditions: Maximizing Fluorescence While Minimizing Volume

Three Different Liquid Handling Systems to Achieve Flexibility and Scalability in Compound Screening against 400+ Protein Kinases


Sox-based Sensor Phosphopeptides for Continuous, Homogeneous, and Quantitative Monitoring of Protein Phosphatase Activity

Automated Linear Range Determination and Applications to Enzymatic Progress Curves

Development of a Real-Time, Fluorescence Microplate Assay for Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Tyrosine Kinase Activity


Automation of Full-Kinome Profiling Using a Continuous Kinase Activity Platform


Multiplexing Inventory Management: Satisfying the Enzymologist, the Customer and the Executive Leadership Team

Webinars (On-Demand)

Validating the Power of a Continuous Assay Format Using EGFR Inhibitors in Potency, Profiling, and Time-Dependent Inhibition Applications

Discover how a continuous assay format powers a deep understanding of kinase function. In this webinar, we’ll present data using FDA-approved EGFR inhibitors to demonstrate how our PhosphoSens® assays are used in potency, profiling, and time-dependent inhibition applications to understand compound selectivity and mechanism of action.

The Advantages of Kinome Profiling With a Continuous Assay

Uncover the power and kinetic insights of a continuous assay for kinome profiling with our newest webinar. Join Earl May, Ph.D., Sr. Director of Discovery Technologies, as he delves into the unique advantages of continuous assays over their endpoint counterparts, reveals hidden insights within raw data, and demonstrates how progress curves can help you identify essential aspects of an inhibitor's mode of action.

Video Presentations

Time-Dependent Inhibition Workflow at AssayQuant Technologies

Leveraging Continuous Fluorogenic Assays for Kinase & Phosphatase Activity to Enable Drug Development

Q&A With AssayQuant's CEO: Featuring Frequently Asked Questions About PhosphoSens From New Customers

Discovery on Target Presentation:
Nextgen Kinase & Phosphatase Drug Development with PhosphoSens Activity-based Sensors

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