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AssayQuant’s mission is to support the development of more effective therapies for cancer, chronic inflammation, neurodegeneration, and other serious conditions. Our team is motivated by a shared vision of reducing suffering, to build a healthier world. We stand with you at the frontier of target biology and drug discovery & development, helping you to rapidly and effectively identify the best solutions, from the vast number of possibilities.

AssayQuant's Proprietary PhosphoSens® Technology uses novel, fluorogenic sensors in enzyme recognition sequences that are carefully optimized for each enzyme to relay quantitative information on phosphorylation in real-time with less effort.

  • Our direct, real-time, kinetic, enzyme activity assays yield better, more reliable data than other methods, enabling better decisions regarding target biology and generation of lead candidates to empower faster movement through the drug discovery process.
  • Whether used in high, moderate or low throughput modes, the resulting richer information from quantitative data allows you to rapidly rank candidates by inhibition mechanism, selectivity profiling and multiple measures of potency, with covalent and reversible inhibitors and fragments.
  • AssayQuant has a catalog of over four hundred optimized assays, developed from curated libraries of tens of thousands of fluorogenic peptide sensor substrates, and also provides services to develop novel optimized assays for you. Why not use the best substrate for your assays, designed for your enzyme?
  • We will either transfer the new assay methods to you to use in your own laboratory or can provide screening, potency or profiling services, saving you time, money, and resources. Our highly skilled scientists bring years of experience with kinases and phosphatases to bear to solve your problems. Our goal is to help you get to the best candidate molecules with the highest efficacy as quickly as possible.

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Sox-based Sensor Phosphopeptides for Continuous, Homogeneous, and Quantitative Monitoring of Protein Phosphatase Activity

Protein phosphatases are critical drug targets for cancer therapy development with a need for robust assays that monitor phosphatase enzyme activity. Learn how our assays continuously monitor protein phosphatase activity.


The Advantages of Kinome Profiling With a Continuous Assay

Join Earl May, Ph.D., Sr. Director of Discovery Technologies, as he delves into the unique advantages of continuous assays over their endpoint counterparts, reveals hidden insights within raw data, and demonstrates how progress curves can help you identify essential aspects of an inhibitor's mode of action.


Automated Linear Range Determination and Applications to Enzymatic Progress Curves

When interrogating protein kinases and their inhibitors, a continuous assay format allows you to confidently visualize and quantify enzyme activity across the entire progress curve. Learn about our fully automated protocol to streamline and optimize linear range finding in our latest scientific poster.


Development of a Real-Time, Fluorescence Microplate Assay for Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Tyrosine Kinase Activity

Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) wild-type and mutant tyrosine kinase activity and the downstream signaling cascades are pivotal in oncogenesis, drug resistance, and tumor recurrence. Learn how our team developed a continuous, real-time, fluorescence-based assay for EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI’s).


Committed to Innovation

AssayQuant is a life science company founded by scientists who are committed to innovation. Through our advancements in assay design, we are transforming the way science gets done to deliver breakthrough discoveries needed to improve human health.