Built-For-Purpose Kinase Sensor Peptide Substrates

Versatile and specific substrates for your drug discovery.

Unlock the potential of your kinase research with our PhosphoSens® sensor peptide substrates. Designed with purpose, we offer sensor peptide substrates for your distinct needs, enabling you to advance your drug discovery research.

Unlike other platforms, our sensor peptide substrates are derived from known physiological sequences with a small and minimally hydrophobic Sox fluorophore. Each peptide is optimized from our 30,000+ sequence library allowing for sensitive and selective kinase activity measurements.

Understanding your need for versatile reagents, we create sensor peptide substrates. For example, AQT A (versatile) and AQT B (versatile) quantify the activity of over 80 tyrosine kinases each. Like having a swiss army knife in your toolkit, they allow you to quantify multiple kinases with ease. From unraveling the complexities of signaling pathways to understanding the impact of various kinase inhibitors, you can save time and resources by using a single substrate that adapts to your research needs, eliminating the hassle of switching between multiple substrates.

Sensor Peptide Phosphosens AQT Versatile
Sensor Peptide Phosphosens AQT Versatile

If you’re looking for a target-specific substrate, we also provide selective sensor peptides, like AQT C (selective) for quantifying CAMK2 kinase activity. Like a high precision tool, it specifically hones in on the intricacies of CAMK2 activity. Enhance your understanding of this critical kinase and work with different sample types to more closely mimic in vivo conditions. 

Take control of your research and choose the substrate that best aligns with your objectives. Not sure which sensor is right for you? Schedule a meeting with our scientists.


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Download our example data reports with additional validation and specificity data for sensors AQT A/B and AQT C.


Discover the power of specificity or explore the realms of versatility for your kinase research.


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