Next Generation Sox Technology Sensors

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At AssayQuant, we are actively developing next generation Sox Technology Sensors to meet the needs of our customers. These efforts incorporate improvements from the Imperiali laboratory, including the Cysteine-Sox-based substrate method to create superior sensors by allowing for flanking sequence recognition determinants on either side of the Sox moiety/phosphorylation site.

We are applying this approach to generate both highly generic substrates (for use with a range of purified kinases; Commercialized under our PhosphoSens brand) or highly selective substrates (for use with unfractionated cell or tissue lysates; see Peterson et. al., 2014; to be commercialized under our PhosphoSens-Lysate brand).

Using continuous (kinetic) or red-shift (endpoint) formats our Sox-based phosphopeptide substrates allow monitoring of the activity of protein phosphatases (See figure to left and also publications by Beck et al., 2016 - one on the Tyrosine Phosphatase, PTP1, and another on the Serine/Threonine Phosphatase, PP2A, both measured in crude cell lysates).

Find our resources for our most updated resources and our extensive publication history using the Sox sensor technology to monitor the activity of protein kinases or phosphatases in many applications. There, you will find a detailed summary of Sox fluorophore technology development history in the Imperiali laboratory (MIT) and related publications.


Exclusively Licensed Technology

Several patents cover the Sox technology, which MIT has exclusively licensed to AssayQuant Technologies, Inc. Please visit our products page for our most current list of Sox-based protein kinase or phosphatase assays. If you do not see an assay for your target of interest, please contact us to discuss sensor development using our custom assay development services.

Our Sox-based sensors run on many commonly available microplate readers offered by many suppliers, including:

  • BioTek
  • BMG Labtech
  • Tecan
  • PerkinElmer
  • ThermoFisher Scientific
  • Bethold Technologies
  • Molecular Devices

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