Testing Services

AssayQuant provides the flexibility to meet your needs including a variety of potency measurements and the option for compound preincubations, comparison of ATP at the Km app or 1 mM, and analysis with recombinant enzyme or crude cell lysates. We offer rapid turnaround at seven (7) business days for most determinations including potency, mechanism of action or residence time and 14 business days for large panel kinome profiling.

PhosphoSens enables complex determinations to provide critical understanding of enzyme inhibitor properties to improve drug performance, including:

  • Profiling – 1 or more concentrations & up to 372 wild-type Protein Kinase targets (410 assays w/mutants; new assays added continuously); We also have assays for Protein Phosphatases & Lipid (DGK) Kinases.
  • IC50 or K–  12 pts, BSA or DTT; low or high ATP, protein complexes & crude lysates
  • kinact/KI  – 24 pts for time-dependent inhibition with covalent compounds
  • Residence Time – Uses Jump Dilution method with a range of detection from 30 seconds to 2 days
  • Mechanism of Action (MOA) – ATP & peptide or lipid substrates
  • EC50 – Assess potency of compounds for target activation

Examples of Enzyme Inhibitor Assessments Offered as Custom Service

Enzyme Inhibitor Assessments
Testing Services