PhosphoSens® Sox-based Homogeneous, Kinetic and Endpoint/Red Fluorescence-based Assays

Continuous and Endpoint/Red Fluorescence-based Assay Formats

Our Continuous (kinetic) format uses Fluorescence Intensity, with an Ex/Em wavelength of 360/485-505 nm and allows kinetic monitoring of the activity of a kinase or phosphatase from the same add and read reaction without manual timepoints.

Our innovative Red/Endpoint format uses Europium (Eu3+) with time-resolved fluorescence (TRF) and an Ex/Em wavelength of 360/610-620 nm. The >600 nm wavelength and the ability to use a 100 μs delay, eliminates compound autofluorescence while using a small and minimally hydrophobic fluorophore. Both formats can be performed with the same optimized Sox-sensors, and assays can be run at any ATP concentration.

Assay List

Products & Services

Assay Kits, Bulk Sensors, Custom Assay Development & Custom Testing Services

Assay Kits include all required reagents besides the kinase, allowing 96 reactions (using 50 μL as a final reaction volume in a half-area 96-well plate and 10 μM final substrate) or 192 reactions (using 25 μL as a final reaction volume in a low-volume 384-well plate and 10 μM final substrate). 

Bulk Sensor pricing starts at 1 mg net and on average, allows for 1,200 assays using 25μL as a final reaction volume in a low-volume 384-well plate and 10 μM final substrate). Please contact us about volume discounts.

Custom Assay Development Services are performed under a Master Service Agreement. Custom recombinant assay development has three milestones, and crude cell lysate and tissue lysate assay development has a total of five Milestones. Please visit our Services page to learn more.

Custom Testing Services include kinase profiling and IC50, Ki, kinact/KI, Residence Time and Mechanism of Action (MOA) determinations. Learn more on our Services page.

Supporting Products

  • 10x Kinase Reaction Buffer (AQT10XKRB, 10 mL)
  • 1x Enzyme Dilution Buffer (AQT1XKDB 5 mL)
  • 10x Cell Extraction Buffer (AQT10XCEB 10 mL)
  • 100 mM (100x) ATP (AQT100XATP, 1 mL)
  • 1000 mM (1000x) DTT (AQT1000XDTT, 1 mL)
  • 50 mM (50x) Europium (AQT50XEUR, 0.15 mL for 1 kit)
  • 50 mM (50x) Europium (AQT50XEUR, 15 mL)