Validating the Power of a Continuous Assay Format Using EGFR Inhibitors in Potency, Profiling, and Time-Dependent Inhibition Applications

Duration: 60 Minutes

Discover how a continuous assay format powers a deep understanding of kinase function. In this webinar, we’ll present data using FDA-approved EGFR inhibitors to demonstrate how our PhosphoSens® assays are used in potency, profiling, and time-dependent inhibition applications to understand compound selectivity and mechanism of action.

Join the webinar and learn:

  • How our PhosphoSens fluorogenic sensor peptides power a continuous assay format yielding a progress curve in every well.
  • How continuous assays are used to determine binding kinetics and selectivity of your lead compounds, including:
    • Reliable and accurate quantification of compound potency
    • Superior selectivity assessments and insight into compound-dependent kinetics & MOA with kinome profiling at low or high ATP
    • Deep characterization and determination of kinetic parameters for reversible (residence time (τ), IC50 or Ki) or irreversible (kinact, KI, kinact/KI)) inhibitors

Meet Your Presenters:


Michelle Lyles, PhD, Vice President of Commercial Operations

Michelle has 20+ years of experience in sales/marketing of advanced scientific tools at major life science suppliers. Michelle received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Baylor College of Medicine, and post-doctoral training at Emory University and is the author of a dozen publications.


Earl May, PhD, Senior Director of Discovery Technologies

Earl has 25+ years of expertise in drug discovery and enzymology from GSK, OSI and several other biotechnology companies. He has used our Sox sensor peptide technology at all companies he had kinase inhibitor programs, with both reversible and covalent compounds.



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