AssayQuant's New and Expanded Panel Offers More Powerful Kinome Profiling Services

Address Your Research Challenges With Our Precise and Versatile Compound Profiling Services. 

Your drug discovery goals and challenges are ever evolving. As such, we’ve expanded our kinome profiling services to include a panel of 400+ unique kinases with mutant kinases and custom panels on demand.

Our kinome profiling is powered by our novel and proprietary PhosphoSens® Technology. PhosphoSens is a continuous assay which directly quantifies the catalytic event of substrate phosphorylation. This yields a progress curve in every well thus enabling our expert scientists to provide you with a detailed enzymological report.

Together, our industry-leading kinase panel (over 400 kinases and growing), compound management, automation and in-depth kinetic analysis come together to form unsurpassed profiling services enabling rapid determination of kinome-wide compound potency, selectivity, and mode of inhibition (MOI) while revealing potential off-target effects.

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Advantages of Profiling With a Continuous Assay Format

In contrast to other kinome profiling service providers who use end-point assay formats, we utilize our PhosphoSens Technology – a continuous assay format. A continuous format yields an actual rate determined from dozens of data points while an end-point format yields an assumed rate estimated from a single point.

Because the actual rate is generated by many points contained within the true linear range of a progress curve, it is a high confidence measurement compared to an assumed rate. The assumption that a pre-determined time point is within a linear range is greatly affected by:

  • Lag before the initiation of reaction
  • Substrate depletion
  • Enzyme instability
  • Time-dependent inhibition (TDI)

The accuracy of conclusions drawn from a continuous assay format is not impacted by these factors simply because the continuous format enables identification and quantification of these very factors.

Better Data, Better Decisions

Achieve Better Correlation With Cell-Based Assays

Our kinome profiling solutions provide a strong correlation with cell-based assays not seen with other platforms:

  • Testing at physiological ATP, Mg2+, Mn2+ and Ca2+ concentrations
  • Use of biologically relevant peptide substrate sequences
  • Compatibility with the incorporation of activators and cofactors

Our ability to vary ATP concentrations is essential for determining inhibitor mechanisms, so we offer profiling at both high (1 mM) and low (Km) concentrations.

The Value of Biochemical Screening with 1 mM ATP

  • Mimics cellular levels to highlight kinases affected by Km differentials
  • Brings ATP’s hydrotropic properties to kinases in solution (improved function)
  • May serve as an allosteric regulator
  • Raises ATP/ADP ratio to avoid product inhibition and negative feedback

The Value of Biochemical Screening With ATP Concentrations at Km

  • Reveals affinity approximations independent of compound MOI
  • Most robust binding selectivity information across kinome panel
  • Maximize inhibition and assess target-scaffold reactivity

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