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AssayQuant Technologies is rapidly expanding target coverage and new formats to meet the needs of those studying the enzymes involved in phosphoregulation. With hundreds of validated assays for protein kinases and a new focus on protein phosphatases, AssayQuant's PhosphoSens technology can help improve performance and productivity of your discovery and drug development efforts.

PhosphoSens sensors are proprietary sequences that provide improved properties including high initial reaction rates and RFU/μM, thereby delivering increased sensitivity, often to sub-nM enzyme levels with Z' values >0.8.

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AssayQuant uses a systematic approach that ensures the highest quality:

  1. Testing subsets of our extensive panel of Cys-Sox Substrates (currently over 30,000 sequences)
  2. If needed, a combinatorial peptide library approach is used starting with the best initial CSox substrate identified.
  3. All sensors produced by AssayQuant are rigorously validated by HPLC, mass and sequence determination using mass spectrometry and functional testing with the target enzyme.

This process allows for rapid development and systematic improvement while incorporating newer CSox technology from Imperiali laboratory.

Superior Products, Better Performance, More Value

With over 90% of our assays rated Very Strong or Strong, our products are robust, simple to use and require minimum hands-on time, thereby increasing your productivity. All of our assays are non-radioactive, eliminating health risks associated with exposure to radioactive [32P]-ATP and the cost of radioactive waste disposal, while allowing for efficient kinetic monitoring of the kinase reaction to provide more information with less effort and no additional cost.

Using this process, we have built Sox-based substrate libraries to address each major branch of the kinome (518 protein kinases).

Find your assay to get better performance and more value today. New assays are being added continuously. 

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